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Screen shots

Game screen (default)

• Left side: playing area
• Right side: status information.
• Bottom left: "Back" button, to take back your last card.
• Bottom right: message area, for hints and informational messages.

Game screen (default)
Game screen (modified)

• Different color scheme.
• Different card backs.
• Different playing table picture (you can also use one of your own photos).
• Optionally can view or play another player's cards.

Game screen (modified)
Card style and speed customization

• Choose a style for the cards moving on and off.
• Choose the card speed.
• Choose the delay between players.
• Choose how long the trick stays on the table.
• Test out whether the settings suit your computer and your personal style .

Display options
Sound options

• Turn all the sounds on.
• Turn all the sounds off.
• Select the sounds you want individually.
• There are both spoken voice and sound effects.

Sound options
Review or Replay

• Visual review of previous tricks.
• Restart from any trick.
• Replay from the beginning, with or without a pass.
• Four different review screens.

Sound options
Statistics (suits passed)

• The example shows that your right hand opponent passes you Hearts 39% of the time.
• One click to show values as "number" or "%".
• One click to show "cumulative" statistics.
• One click to show statistics for a different player.
• The example is 1 of 16 available statistics screens.