HeartsWizard will adapt perfectly to your computer, to your playing abilities, and to your playing preferences. We're so confident you'll love HeartsWizard, that we want you to try it. Click here to download the free and fully functional software.

Customize the Appearance

• Choose from a selection of artistic built-in graphics.
• Choose from an array of card backs and color schemes.
• Put your own photo or graphic on the playing table.

Customize the Playing Speed

• Choose how the cards drop or slide onto the table.
• Choose how fast the opponents play.
• Choose how quickly the tricks are removed.
• Choose how the cards are removed from the table.

Customize your Card Holding

• Choose whether your cards are sorted low to high, or high to low.
• Choose the suit order.

Customize Whose Cards You Play
• Play just your own cards, or
• View and play any other player's cards.
Customize the Player Profiles

• Nine opponent profiles.
• Choose from three opponent ability levels.
• Choose from three opponent "risk taking" levels.
• Choose your own risk taking profile.

Customize the Sounds

• Would you like a hint that "someone might be trying to run" ?
• How about an indication that "a run is no longer possible" ?
• All sounds and voices can independently be turned on or off.

Customize the Hints

• Would you like a Passing or a Playing hint ?
• How many cards might opponents be holding in each suit ?

Run Possibilities

• What are my chances of running ?
• What are the odds that a suit will break properly ?
• HeartsWizard recomputes the odds for you as each card is played.


• Take back any trick.
• Restart play from anywhere in the hand.
• Replay the entire hand (including a different pass).


• Trick by trick review.
• Each player's initial holdings and winning cards.
• Round by round scores, highlighting lead changes .


• Statistics are kept individually for each player (set up as many player names as you wish).
• One click to view "current game" or "cumulative" statistics.
• One click to view "numbers" or "%".
• What kind of cards am I being dealt ?
• What does each of my opponents usually pass ?
• How often does each player keep or pass the Queen of Spades ?
• Which cards do I usually pass ?
• Where are my points coming from ?
• Who runs the most ?
• Sixteen comprehensive statistics screens.